August 21st, 2012


China Gone Organic

Yes, it is possible to get organic foods while in China! I just received news from here that China, specifically Shanghai, is importing organic milk from the US. And it's one of my favorite brands!

The price of course is probably typically higher to cover importing costs, but at least this back to school sale that's going on looks awesome. On top of that, this company offers membership points with levels of discounts and benefits.

The site,, overall looks great, and it even includes organic produce (I'm already salivating over the honey peaches).  They offer meats, including free-range chickens and eggs, and they also import juice from the US. Before you judge me for becoming extremely excited over something that seems just a trifle or even unsporting in the whole not-wanting-to-be-outside-of-your-comfort-zone thing, keep in mind all the risks that travel books about no-no food in China.