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And Yet More Journal-Bound Material to Come...

This next weekend I will be going on another trip, just an overnighter.

A lot of people who live in western US, including certain family members, would know exactly what I mean when I say the Three Sisters. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a mountain range in the Cascades in Oregon.

Well, just as China has its own version of Yellowstone and Yosemite, it has its own version of the Three Sisters, except there’s another “sister” and all four sisters are on the same mountain. The mountain’s English name is actually Four Sisters.

Don’t worry, I’ll have some pictures of my own to display about this time next week.

How quickly I'll be able to post that journal entry is another story...

~ Even More Podcasting!

As if I didn't have enough, Dad hooked me up with OTR - Old Time Radio - as podcasts. Meaning, I'll be able to listen to original radio broadcasts of Sherlock Holmes, Adventures of Superman, and Kibber McGee and Molly on my iPod.

I'm ready for that suspenseful organ music!
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