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I Know Why the Caged Yank Screams


Yes, this is the most unflattering picture of the Chinese experience I can provide. That is indeed a view out of my bedroom window. This is meant to symbolize the utter frustration I’ve had in my home life, though it hasn’t been too bad. It’s not miserable, but it can be incredibly frustrating, with lots of barriers and hurdles I have to leap over.

My roommate, after some nagging on my part, finally called our landlords. I unbelievably had to remind her what all was broken. She counted two things, I counted three; I have no idea how she could have forgotten about reaching into the cold water in the back of the toilet in order to activate the flushing mechanism.

The technician came that very night. Yes, “night” because he actually forgot about coming until about 9:30pm when our landlord called him. He was supposed to have come at 8pm.

The water heater was repaired by replacing a D-sized battery. Any occasion anything is fixed just by replacing the batteries makes me feel like a total ditz. Really, I had no idea the thing ran on batteries.

The repairman also had no problem fixing the toilet. It actually now flushes better than it did when we moved in.

The guy also worked on the washer, and I was able to do two loads.

My washer is really a wonderful machine. Really. No one I know here so far has a machine like it, because it has a heating action that can actually dry clothes. It may take three hours to do a load of laundry including going through the heating cycle, but I’d rather wait three hours than three days for clean, dry clothes, because if I didn’t have a washer like this, I’d have to hang dry my laundry. So, I’m glad I have what I have, but if there had been a warranty on my washing machine, my landlords surely would’ve gotten a free replacement by now.

I think this might be the fourth time someone’s been called in to work on the washer, and just one day after the technician came to fix the thing we needed to call him in again.

I think part of the problem is that it is a Self-Destructing Machine. When it runs, it moves. Sometimes it rams itself into the wall or door or the bathroom counter. Every time a load is done, we have to move the thing back into place. It shakes with such violence that I hear nuts and bolts flying everywhere.

Apparently yesterday the machine attempted to commit suicide, as both my roommate and I heard (and felt) the thing ram itself into a wall and then abruptly stop. This time my bottom sheet was in the machine, along with a few pieces of essential clothing, still rather damp. The thing hadn’t even gotten to the heating cycle. I tried to resuscitate the thing, but to no avail.

Some suds and water were also on the floor around the thing. I had noticed the water on the floor thing a month ago, but each time the technician has come I'd think it'd be taken care of. Though I've pointed it out, perhaps I'm the only one who sees these things.

So, we’re back to waiting for the technician again. I think we’re almost on a first-name basis.
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