Culture Galore

Some very important American iconic movies my students have not heard of: Star Wars (and yet they love the Big Bang Theory -- how do they get the jokes??) and the Wizard of Oz!!! Plus very few have heard of Mary Poppins. Must correct this soon.

No Longer Hostessing

RIP, Hostess... you've provided smiles and jobs for people since 82 years ago, when you were founded *during* the Depression. Good going members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, you just striked yourself out of a job at a time when people are complaining about not being able to find employment. How sweet is your victory!


A mask one of my students painted for me. I put it on my fake mantel. The idea that one of my students took the time and effort to make this for me (she had told me weeks ago that she would), definitely helped to cheer me up from the sad week it's been for my family.

Noted Change

I witnessed something today that I wouldn't have expected when I was in China five years ago. I was a few yards away from passing by a man who was in the process of doing the loogie thing. Our eyes met. I smiled. He looked like he held a frog in his mouth. After our paths had crossed, he finally spat. Wow.

Nice Note

Not to brag, but I've got some sweet students. And by the way, I have never been accused of not wearing enough clothes:

Hi ******,

Thank for your help of my midterm exam even i did not perform well,i will practise more in the rest time.

And i noticed that you did not wear enough,i have no idea whether you kown that the winter in Hangzhou is so cold!so you maybe need prepare some warmer clothes,such as down garment or tweed coat,to get through it.

Thank you again for your help,and i hope you have a great time in Hangzhou!!!