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Tomorrow I'll leave for a three-week trip to Beijing via Shanghai. I'm taking my computer along, but there's always the question of quality of internet, so I'll highlight a couple of other blogs you can look at.

A & T in the PRC: http://a-t-prc.travellerspoint.com

This is a blog about the big tour of China Mom and I will have at the end of my time here. I might not update it very much in the next few weeks, but Mom might find something to write about.

purelysnow photoblog: http://purelysnow.aminus3.com

Yes, this is my photoblog. In case you don't want to read the epics I tend to type up, you can refresh your eyes by looking at one of my pictures. It's a daily thing, especially since I've already uploaded pictures for the dates I'll be gone.

The next time I'll update I will probably be in Shanghai!