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To add to my list of cultural musts for class, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Wizard of Oz... indeed, must not leave out Monty Python...

Culture Galore

Some very important American iconic movies my students have not heard of: Star Wars (and yet they love the Big Bang Theory -- how do they get the jokes??) and the Wizard of Oz!!! Plus very few have heard of Mary Poppins. Must correct this soon.

Big Babies

Gave my uni freshmen the indirect message that it's time to grow up... I gave them homework. I had figured that three sessions of not having homework at all were too many. At the announcement of homework, you would've thought I had given them all wedgies. Is it so unusual for college profs in China to give their freshmen students homework? At my US uni, we totally had homework the first day of class. But then, I've been noticing quite a few differences in standards between the two countries when it comes to education.